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Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Bedford are listed below:

A. L & G Abbott
150 Bedford Rd 
Kempston, Bedford 
Bedfordshire MK42 8BH
Tel: 01234 843222
Arnolds Funeral Service
48, Roff Avenue 
Bedfordshire MK41 7TE
Tel: 01234 359529
Wrighton & Barker
24a, Foster Hill Rd 
Bedfordshire MK40 2EN
Tel: 01234 352023
Neville Funeral Service
The Old Church, Flitwick Rd Ampthill
Bedfordshire MK45 2NT
Tel: 01525 406132
K Brandon
Bridge End Carlton
Bedfordshire MK43 7LP
Tel: 01234 720277
Cirket & Sons
60, Harpur St 
Bedfordshire MK40 2QT
Tel: 01234 261824
Co-operative Funeral Service
80 Ampthill Road,
Bedfordshire, MK42 9HP
Tel: 01234 345045
Clarabut & Plumbe
11, Kingsway 
Bedfordshire MK42 9BJ
 Tel: 01234 354547
Bedford Funeral Service
66 Bromham Road
Bedfordshire MK40 2QH
Tel: 01243 356999


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Biggleswade are listed below:

Woodman & Son
3, Market Square 
Bedfordshire SG18 8AP
Tel: 01767 315700


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Dunstable are listed below:

Dunstable Funeral Services
23, Vernon Place 
Bedfordshire LU5 4EZ
Tel: 01582 477000
S.A Bates & Son
115, West St 
Bedfordshire LU6 1SG
Tel: 01582 663633

Leighton Buzzard

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Leighton Buzzard are listed below:

A.B Capp
12, Orchard Lane Stewkley
Leighton Buzzard 
Bedfordshire LU7 0HS
Tel: 01525 240205
S. R Dillamore Ltd
Regent House 16, Old Rd Linslade
Leighton Buzzard 
Bedfordshire LU7 7RF
Tel: 01525 372210
Co-operative Funeral Service
67 Stanbridge Road,
Leighton Buzzard,
Bedfordshire, LU7 8QA
Tel: 01525 370272


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Luton are listed below:

Neville Funeral Service
Neville House, 301 Marsh Road
Bedfordshire LU3 2RZ
Tel: 01582 490005
Ruhani Muslim Funeral Directors
13, Waldeck Rd 
Bedfordshire LU1 1HG
Tel: 01582 422786
Luton & Dunstable Funeral Service
266, Leagrave Rd 
Bedfordshire LU3 1RB
Tel: 01582 493500
Co-operative Funeral Service
37 New Bedford Road,
Bedfordshire, LU1 1SE
Tel: 01582 725493
Co-operative Funeral Service
80 Wigmore Lane, Stopsley,
Bedfordshire, LU2 8AB
Tel: 01582 451209
John Saunders & Son (inc. E Franklin & Co)
48 Duke Street, High Town
Bedfordshire LU2 0HH
Tel: 01582 731696


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Sandy are listed below:

Gordon Goodwin Funeral Services
17, Cottage Rd
Bedfordshire SG19 1BY
Tel: 01767 683600
Stephen Ashley Funeral Service
59 Mill St Gamlingay
Bedfordshire SG19 3JS
Tel: 01767 650959
G & H Seamer
47, High St 
Bedfordshire SG19 1AG
Tel: 01767 680519


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Shefford are listed below:

George Squire & Sons
24, Clifton Rd 
Bedfordshire SG17 5AE
Tel: 01462 813258


Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Stotfold are listed below:

Shires Memorial
Old Cemetery Chapel, Mill lane
Bedfordshire SG5 4NU
Tel: 01462 731951

Funeral Directors In Bedfordshire
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The Funeral Directors Directory can help you to locate funeral directors in Bedfordshire who can help you to arrange all types of funerals and prepaid funeral plans. The funeral types available can include:

  • Traditional Funeral Homes Services - These services typically include One or more "visitations" where the mourners gather, with the body present to express condolences.
  • Memorial Services to commemorate the life of the deceased without them being present. These are usually following burial or cremation, or if the body has not been recovered (e.g - lost at sea).
  • Combined Traditional and Memorial Services - a visitation and a service with the body present, as well as a memorial service without the body present to commemorate a life.
  • Graveside Services - Sometimes commemorative services are held at the cemetery, either in a chapel or beside the grave, immediately prior to burial.