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Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Cambridge are listed below:

A.F Townsend
18 High St Great Shelford
Cambridgeshire, CB2 5EH

Ashley Stephen Funeral Service
12 Newmarket Rd
Cambridgeshire, CB5 8DT
Brian Warner Funeral Service
4 Harshel Court Hartington Grove
Cambridgeshire, CB1 7UB
Cambridge Funeral Services Ltd
617 Newmarket Road
Cambridgeshire, CB5 8PA
Co-operative Funeral Service
34 James Street
Cambridgeshire, CB1 1HX

F W Cook Funeral Service
49 Church Street
Willingham Cambridge
Cambridgeshire, CB4 5HS

Harry Williams and Sons
7 Victoria Park
Cambridgeshire, CB4 3EJ
Humanist Non Religious Ceremonies
17 Greenfield Close Stapleford
Cambridgeshire, CB2 5BT
Paintin H.J Ltd
43 High St Linton
Cambridgeshire, CB1 6HS
Weyman Funeral Service
26 Abbey Walk
Cambridgeshire, CB1 2QJ
Willingham Funeral Service
Berrycroft Willingham
Cambridgeshire, CB4 5JX

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Chatteris are listed below:

J. H. Landin and Son
72 High Street
Cambridgeshire, PE16 6NN

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Duxford are listed below:

R Skeates Funeral Directors
45 Moorfield Road
Cambridgeshire, CB2 4PP

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Ely are listed below:

C.E Fuller and Co
23 Hall St Soham
Cambridgeshire, CB7 5BN
Carter A.G
6 Froize End Haddenham
Cambridgeshire, CB6 3UQ

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Huntingdon are listed below:

Co-operative Funeral Services
3 St. Peters Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE29 7AA
Swearers Funeral Service
44a Blenheim Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE26 1AN
William Peacock and Sons
Castle Hill Lodge
Castle Moat Road
Cambridgeshire, PE29 3PG

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in March are listed below:

G Brewin (March) Ltd
Brewin Oaks City Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE15 9LT
George James and Son
45 The Causeway
Cambridgeshire, PE15 9NU
Turner and Son
City Road
Cambridgeshire, PE15 9LS

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Peterborough are listed below:

A Coley and Son
Quaker House West
St Crowland
Cambridgeshire, PE6 0EE
Co-operative Funeral Services
Fitzwilliam St
Cambridgeshire, PE1 2RX
Cambridgeshire, PE8 5PS
H.E Bull and Son
61 Inhams Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE7 1TT
Watkins and Stafford Ltd
20-26 Fitzwilliam St
Cambridgeshire, PE1 2RX

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in St. Neots are listed below:

Co-operative Funeral Services
1 Huntingdon St
St. Neots
Cambridgeshire, PE19 1BL
T.L Cobbold
11-13 New St
St. Neots
Cambridgeshire, PE19 1AJ

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in St. Ives are listed below:

Dennis Easton Funeral Service
The Lodge Broad Leas
St. Ives
Cambridgeshire, PE27 5PU
R.A Parish
7 Overcote Lane Needingworth
St. Ives
Cambridgeshire, PE27 4TU

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Wisbech are listed below:

A. R Clingo
Pinfold House
Pinfold Road
Upwell Wisbech
Cambridgeshire, PE14 9DZ
Cowling Funeral Services
16 Ramnoth Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE13 2JA
Peter Barnes
West View
Murrow Bank
Murrow Parson Drove
Cambridgeshire, PE13 4HB
W and W G West
1 Love Lane
Cambridgeshire, PE13 1HP
W Bailey and Son
55 Lynn Rd
Cambridgeshire, PE13 3DE

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The Funeral Directors Directory can help you to locate funeral directors in Cambridgeshire who can help you to arrange all types of funerals and prepaid funeral plans. The funeral types available can include:

  • Traditional Funeral Homes Services - These services typically include One or more "visitations" where the mourners gather, with the body present to express condolences.
  • Memorial Services to commemorate the life of the deceased without them being present. These are usually following burial or cremation, or if the body has not been recovered (e.g - lost at sea).
  • Combined Traditional and Memorial Services - a visitation and a service with the body present, as well as a memorial service without the body present to commemorate a life.
  • Graveside Services - Sometimes commemorative services are held at the cemetery, either in a chapel or beside the grave, immediately prior to burial.