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Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Derbyshire are listed below:

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Alfreton

A Storer and Sons Funeral Service 173 Nottingham Road Somercotes
Derbyshire, DE55 4JG
S Hallam & Son 122 High Street, Stonebroom
Derbyshire, DE55 6JT

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Ashborn

A Slater and Sons 1 Moorlands Drive Mayfield
Derbyshire, DE6 2LP
G.Wathall and Son Ltd 5a Union Street
Derbyshire, DE6 1FG

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Bakewell

J.W and J Mettam Ltd Ambrose House
Granby Croft Bakewell
Derbyshire, DE45 1ET

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Belper

Midland Co-operative Funeral Service 1 Brookside
Derbyshire, DE56 1UR
Thomas Ryde and Son 35 Bridge Street
Derbyshire, DE56 1AY

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Brailsford

W Jones and Son White Meadow Cottage Main Rd Brailsford
Derbyshire, DE6 3DA

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Buxton

Bernard Kenney Thornheyes Longridge Lane Peak Dale
Derbyshire, SK17 8AD
R.W Percival 12 New Market St
Derbyshire, SK17 6LP
Robert Cottrill and Sons 7 Station Rd Dove Holes
Derbyshire, SK17 8DH

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Chesterfield

B Hattersley and Sons Ltd 211 Chatsworth Rd
Derbyshire, S40 2BA
Birds John and Son 44 Loads Rd Holymoorside
Derbyshire, S42 7EU
Chas Widdowson and Son 33 Hazelhurst Lane
Stonegravels Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S41 7LX
Chesterfield and District Funeral Service Ltd 10 Pond St
Derbyshire, S40 2LE
Crowder and Alderson Funeral Service Whitting Valley Road
Old Whittington Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S41 9EY
Harold Lilleker 369 Hasland Rd Hasland
Derbyshire, S41 0AQ
J J Needham and Son 2 Thanet Street
Clay Cross Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S45 9JR
J.E Nicholson 329 Langer Lane Wingerworth
Derbyshire, S42 6TY
J.R Hoult and Grandson 30 St. Lawrence Rd North Wingfield
Derbyshire, S42 5LL
Jack Ellis and Son 9 Locko Rd Lower Pilsley
Derbyshire, S45 8DN
Midland Co-operative Funeral Service The Laurels Pond Street
Derbyshire, S43 2LE
Midland Co-operative Funeral Service 2 Market Street
Staveley Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S43 3UT
Midland Co-operative Funeral Service 13 Chesterfield Road Claycross
Derbyshire, S44 6QS
Porters Funeral Service Brookfield House Station Road
Clowne Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S43 4RW
Stephen Pledger Independent Funeral Director 20A Heath Road
Holmewood Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S42 5RA
Stubbins and Hope 55 High St Bolsover
Derbyshire, S44 6HF
W Eyre and Sons 69 High St Bolsover
Derbyshire, S44 6HF
Wetton Funeral Services Ltd 15 Ringwood Road
Brimington Chesterfield
Derbyshire, S43 1DF

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Derby

A.W Lymn The Family Funeral Service Derwent House Becket St
Derbyshire, DE1 1HT
Derby and District Unit 4a Park Farm Centre Birchover Way
Allestree Derby
Derbyshire, DE22 2QJ
Donald Clark 14 Borough St Castle Donington
Derbyshire, DE74 2LA
E.H Allen 44a Borough St Castle Donington
Derbyshire, DE74 2LB
G Wathall and Son Ltd 101 Macklin St
Derbyshire, DE1 1LG
G.A.F Divine 25 Market Place Castle Donington
Derbyshire, DE74 2JB
J.H Grice and Co 21a Station Rd Hatton
Derbyshire, DE65 5EL
J.P Springthorpe and Co 17 Potter St Melbourne
Derbyshire, DE73 1DX
Midlands Cooperative Funeral Services 73-75 Normanton Rd
Derbyshire, DE1 2GH
Midlands Cooperative Funeral Services 798 Osmaston Road
Allenton Derby
Derbyshire, DE24 9AA
Midlands Cooperative Funeral Services 177 Chaddesden Lane
Chaddesden Derby
Derbyshire, DE21 6LJ
Midlands Cooperative Funeral Services Sandringham House 63-67 Sitwell Street
Spondon Derby
Derbyshire., DE21 7FH
Pride Funeral Services Ltd The Holmes Unit 27 Royal Scot Road
Derbyshire, DE24 8AJ
W Jones and Son Main Road/Brailsford
Derby, DE6 3DA

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Glossop

Arthur Worsley Funeral Service 113 Station Road
Hadfield Glossop
Derbyshire, SK13 1AA
Ben Lloyd Funeral Director 68 Park Lane
Derbyshire, SK12 1RE
Glossop Carriage Company 16 Howard St
Derbyshire, SK13 7DD
High Peak Funeral Services 132-134 High St West
Derbyshire, SK13 8HJ

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Heanor

Gillotts Funeral Services 1 Abbot St
Derbyshire, DE75 7QD
Midlands Cooperative Funeral Services Holbrook Street
Derbyshire., DE7 7AY

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in High Peake

J and SM Williamson Funeral Services 1 Market Street
Whaley Bridge High Peak
Derbyshire, SK23 7AA
Jeremy Unsworth (Funeral Service) 67 Church Road
New Mills High Peake
Derbyshire, SK22 4NU

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Ilkeston

Co-operative Funeral Services 1 Park Rd
Derbyshire, DE7 5DA
G.T Edwards (Ilkeston) Ltd 126 Nottingham Rd
Derbyshire, DE7 5NW
S Trueman (Ilkeston) Ltd 61 Bright St
Derbyshire, DE7 8NH

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Matlock

Alwyn Askew Warney Rd Two Dales
Derbyshire, DE4 2EW
Derbyshire Dales Funeral Service 17 Bakewell Rd
Derbyshire, DE4 3AU
R and K Jepson 13 - 14 Duke Street
Middleton-By-Wirksworth Matlock
Derbyshire, DE4 4NB
T Greatorex and Sons Ltd 29 Knowleston Place
Derbyshire, DE4 3BU

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Measham

W B Bradford Loudon House 45 High Street
Derbyshire, DE11 9DE

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Ripley

Midlands Co-operative Funeral Services 5 Nottingham Rd
Derbyshire, DE5 3DJ
The Archway Funeral Service 16 Chapel St
Derbyshire, DE5 3DL

Funeral Homes, Undertakers & Funeral Directors in Swadlincote

J Hylton and Sons 25 Market Street
Church Gresley Swadlincote
Derbyshire, DE11 9PR
Ward and Brewin Funeral Service 1 High St
Woodville Swadlincote
Derbyshire, DE11 7EH
Ward and Brewin Funeral Service 20 West Street
Derbyshire, DE11 9DE

Funeral Directors In derbyshire
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  • Memorial Services to commemorate the life of the deceased without them being present. These are usually following burial or cremation, or if the body has not been recovered (e.g - lost at sea).
  • Combined Traditional and Memorial Services - a visitation and a service with the body present, as well as a memorial service without the body present to commemorate a life.
  • Graveside Services - Sometimes commemorative services are held at the cemetery, either in a chapel or beside the grave, immediately prior to burial.