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Many of us opt for making our own funeral arrangements, as planning for every eventuality provides some of us with peace of mind, knowing that we have removed some of the worries for our loved own when we die. Arranging funeral insurance not only saves money, but also helps loved ones in taking decisions for them & making arrangements that can be hard to deal with when coping with loss of a partner, friend or relative.

Funeral insurance cover is a must in order to avoid adding financial pressures to what is always a very emotional time for family & friends. When putting together your retirement plan, then it is important to consider what will happen at the time of our passing. Funeral costs can be expensive, but taking out a funeral insurance plan need not be expensive. It fixes the cost of your funeral at today’s prices, which could save your loved ones thousands of pounds over a number of years and also means more money will be left for them to benefit from. Our experts will help you to consider all of your comparable options when choosing a plan to cover your funeral expenses. Your funeral cover insurance plan can be tailored to your exact requirements, leaving less decision making for your loved ones at the time of your passing.

What can be Included in Funeral Insurance expenses cover?

The funeral directors professional services.
A simple coffin.
Collection & Delivery from your place of passing to the funeral directors.
Full use of the chapels of rest.
A quality coffin (options Available).
One hearse on day of the funeral.
Provision of conductor and pall bearers.
Service and burial or committal at crematorium
Minister services.
Advice relating to death registration & legal documentation.
Legal documents for the funeral.
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  • It’s regulated – the market is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. We recommend plans which come with a number of guarantees to ensure your financial safety
  • It’s flexible – there are a wide range of plans available, so your adviser can help you to choose a plan which matches what’s important to you
  • It’s important to seek specialist advice – it’s an important financial decision and isn’t right for everyone. Consulting an adviser will help you to explore your options and explain the different plans

To qualify for Funeral Insurance you must

  • Be aged 55 or over – both applicants if couple

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National Federation Of Funeral Directors

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