Cremation has been universally used for many generations, in many different forms. Yet despite this, few people are completely at ease when funeral planning a crematorial service for a loved one, if you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance then read on, as all your questions shall be answered below.

What Is Involved With A Crematorial Service?

Taking that first step when funeral planning a cremation for a loved one is always the hardest; you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to the several decisions and payment plans that will be thrust in front of you, especially at such a delicate time. You should also know that you do not have to plan the service or cremation alone, there are many experienced personnel available to help and support you during this difficult time, many funeral homes now provide crematorial services. By contacting your local funeral home provider, you will be able to access information which would then aid you in all necessary planning. The general process involved during a cremation is relatively simple, the physical remains of the deceased are placed into a coffin or an alternative secure, combustible container, after the service has been completed, the remains are then transferred into a furnace for around 3 hours- this process ensures that both the remains and container are fully transformed into ash.

Ashes can then be placed into a burial urn or a form of keepsake before being returned to the next of kin, thus giving the family complete control over what happens to the remains of their loved one.

By Having A Cremation, Does This Mean I Cannot Have A Funeral Service?

Many people believe that if you choose funeral cremation over a traditional burial then you exclude yourself from having a funeral service, this however is not the case. Should you choose a cremation, you are still fully eligible to have a service.  Should you desire music, prayers, flowers or a photograph presentation of the deceased, you are fully welcome to have this preformed. This can also help aid the healing process, and help the family and friends come to terms with the death of the loved one. Having a funeral service also helps honor the memory of the deceased, making their life eternal through memory, by choosing the option of cremation over that of a traditional burial you can still acquire the service and intimacy of that of a traditional burial.

How Is Cremation A Healthier Option For The Enviroment?

The main reason why cremation is becoming increasingly popular over past few years is partly due to the reason that many environmentalists consider it a more suitable and greener option for the environment. When a traditional funeral is preformed, before the service can occur, the body is first embalmed in fluids and a selection of chemicals that can cause severe harm to the environment. During cremation these fluids are not applied or required. Several people are against the idea of placing a large cement casing into the ground as it is not degradable; by honoring the memory of a loved one through cremation you are also performing your part when it comes to helping the environment.